Arcadia Apps
is the leading software platform for producing and distributing education apps. The platform allows content providers to easily publish interactive apps on iOS, Android OS, and the web, enabling students to study anywhere, anytime. Students can access instruction and practice materials seamlessly using their smart phones, tablets, or PCs. A multimedia discussion forum allows students to get help from their peers, educators, or contributors. A built-in animation creator lets contributors and educators create short video explanations. Scores and other student data are integrated smoothly with web learning platforms.

The platform is best suited for content in exam preparation, professional and vocational certification, continuing education, and online university. The platform is developed by a team of experts in mobile app and software development, with experience at Google, Yahoo, eBay, Cisco, and Silicon Valley startups.

To produce your education apps on Arcadia Apps platform, please email us, or call 650-823-6880.

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